‘Today is the 29th of February 2020. My birthday! I’m 3-leap.12 years old! And I’m going to 2048!’

Past, Present and Future

Launched in April 2020

Reprinted in November 2020

Launched in May 2021

Patience Agbabi, January 2020
Patience Agbabi aged 10, School Sports Day, 15th July 1976

What they said about The Infinite

“Vivid, funny, exciting and inventive”

Patience Agbabi has created something fresh and original here, and I look forward very much to what she writes next.


“It has a magic all of its own”

A fascinating, original and smart adventure tale with a rhythmic prose style that leaps off the page into scintillating life.


“The future just got so much better”

The Infinite is so adventurous that it lit up parts of my brain I didn’t know I had…Elle is curious, questioning and fearless. What an inspiration.


Fresh from the press

“Highly original…Agbabi’s vision of the future is startlingly plausible” ― Observer

“Elle is an engaging, self-aware character . . . and the environmental theme will strike a chord with young readers” ― Guardian

“This time-travelling tale is a thrilling adventure with brilliant characters. Imaginative, unusual, exciting and funny” ― The Week Junior

The Infinite is a highly impressive debut novel, of extraordinary inventiveness. How refreshing to have a female, autistic girl of colour as the hero, particularly as her autism is by no means the focus. Children will …thoroughly enjoy the fast-moving adventure. Fortunately, it’s the first in a series” ― The School Librarian

The Infinite is the first book of The Leap Cycle series, a science fiction adventure across time that is fresh, exciting, bold and witty. The sparky friendship between Elle and her best friend Big Ben is touching, entertaining and inspiring and their inevitable band of fans will be itching with anticipation for further books in the series” ― BookTrust